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in Arusha national park

Ngurudoto crater
One of three beautiful craters located inside the Arusha region. Located just about 20 km from the city, it is the closest....

in arusha rural, Arusha

Maasai crater
The Maasai crater is a large volcanic caldera that is located about 30 kilometres south west of the city of Arusha - Tanzania. From above, it is almost circular in shape, with a maximum length of about 1 kilometre, a minimum length of about 800 metre...

in Ngorongoro conservation area

Olmoti crater
Altitude: 3040 m.a.m.s.l. (rim - highest) 2800 m.a.m.s.l. (floor - lowest) One of three large volcanic calderas that are located inside the Ngorongoro conservation area, and the second highest in terms of altitude of the rim. Its crater floor is a ma...

in Ngorongoro conservation area

Kerimasi crater
Altitude: 2600 m.a.m.s.l. (rim - highest) 2300 m.a.m.s.l. (crater - lowest) A volcanic crater that is part of the great east African rift and located inside the Ngorongoro conservation area. Along with Ngorongoro crater, it is one of the older volcan...

in ngorongoro conservation area, ngorongoro conservation area

Empakaai crater
A volcanic caldera located in the Ngorongoro conservation area of northern Tanzania. It is also where lake Empakaai is located. Empakaai is located about 30km north east of Ngorongoro crater, well inside the eastern rift valley and sharing the same v...

in ngorongoro conservation area, Arusha

Ngorongoro crater
a large volcanic caldera in northern Tanzania that is part of the Ngorongoro conservation area....

in kilimanjaro national park

Maundi crater
Altitude: 2760 m.a.m.s.l.
A relatively small depression that is located near Mandara huts campsite on mt Kilimanjaro. It was formed as a result of the volcanic activity that was present on the mountain, evident to...
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