About you and Africantourer

Africantourer.com is a website dedicated to providing you with information about tourism hotspots within the continent of Africa. We started with Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya but hopefully with time, we will be able to provide you with information about more African countries. A part AFRICANTOURER COMPANY LTD. (United Kingdom).

How we get our informationOur website accepts information from various sources, including you. Anyone can add information to the website using our contents page. Our social media pages also accept any content or comments that you may have. While, we do try our best to make sure that all the information on this website is mostly accurate and up to date. Still we must admit that we are human and cannot guarantee that 100%.

Not all content on this website is from users, some of it is from our own staff who from time to time take the opportunity to venture out to these places. In which case the pages they make would have a lot of photos.

What you get from usDetailed information about tourism hotspots within the continent of Africa. We even have a detailed map that you can use to find these hotspots.

How you can help usFirst of all, we enjoy knowing that you like reading our content or viewing our images, so if you are reading this, then you probably already have helped us. However; what would make us even happier would be to know more about your thoughts, comments or suggestions, which you can give through our comments section, social media pages (see footer) or our email page.

Another way to help us would be to spread the word, let more people know about our website by either sharing our content or telling them about it. Our share buttons are unique to each page so that your friends can easily read what you read without having to fiddle through our search engines - which may need some getting used to.

Photos, information about places and any other donations that may help us in our job would be welcome too.

Our progress so farSeveral hotspots in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Uganda.