What happens when you share one of our pages on social media

Sharing a page is another way of telling your friends on that social network that you found something interesting that they should see. On our website, each page that you share has a separate link, so that anyone you share that link with may easily find the same page that you saw. We at Africantourer would encourage you to share our pages for the following reasons:

  • It enables more people to hear about our content.
  • It enables us to know whether people like our content.
  • It tells us which of our content is liked or disliked more so that we may improve it.
Before you have shared a link, your social network would counter check whether that link exists on our site, grabbing a picture of what the page looks like and a short description about it. This is would be shown on your timeline as a preview of what the actual page looks like. This preview and its associated link is in turn what you are posting to your accounts page or timeline, but not before your social networking site has checked the material being posted for any malicious agents.

The whole sharing process goes as follows:

  1. You find one of pages that you want your friends to see and click on the apprepriate share button.
  2. A new window opens and if you are not logged in on that network, then you will be asked to login
  3. If you are logged in (or after log in), your social network will check our site for existance of that link and display a preview of it in that window. Please read the preview to make sure it is ok before confirming the post.
  4. Confirm the posting of the preview to your timeline or close the window to cancel.
So by sharing one of our pages, you are not:

  • Giving us the ability to post on your account
  • Giving us any control over your account
  • Adding any malicious agents to your account
However you should only share a page if you really liked it or feel that it would help someone else, as we wouldn't want to look bad to all of your friends. So keep reading, and let us know if you liked what you read.
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