Why we use javascript

Javascript basically is just code that is prepared by a website to be run by the web browser of your computer/phone/tablet. Most websites today use javascript, including Africantourer and in most cases it is harmless. However, in the few cases where it is not, most modern browsers would inform you or at least offer some protection from this.

We at Africantourer use javascript for the following reasons:

  • Without javascript we would have limited functionality and would not be able to tailor the content you see to your device, location and other preferences. We wouldn't even be able to remember the settings you chose the last time you visited our website, requiring you to re-enter them each time you wisit. Our pages and content would look bad and be difficult to navigate.
  • Without javascript, everything you see on our webpage would have to be calculated and prepared by our web server, requiring us to use more resources preparing content that you may not read or see. By running code on your device, we are reducing the computational load and bandwidth that our webserver would otherwise have to use.
  • Pages for users without javascript have to be separately designed, as our web server has to serve already prepared content. A separate design would mean more man hours and also higher cost. Such pages are also much harder to design.

Despite all that we try our best to accommodate all users, even those who have turned off javascript. However, we can not promise that all content would look as good as with javascript enabled, so if you can, please help us by enabling javascript.
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