Khutse game reserve

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One of Botswana's game reserves — covering just over 2500 km2, with a landscape that ranges from grasslands and shrublands to dunes and bare clay pans.

Its name is said to be a local Sekwena word for 'where one kneels to drink' 1.

Predators you may see here include lions, black-backed jackals, cheetahs, wildcats, leopards and the rare brown hyena along with grazers such as giraffe, springbok, wildebeest, hartebeest, kudu, duiker and steenbok.

Location of Khutse game reserveIt sits in southern Botswana, just a few hours worth of driving northwest of the country's capital — Gaborone.

The reserve is also entirely within the Kalahari desert, sharing a border to its north with the Central Kalahari game reserve.

How to get thereBy road or air, with several airstrips inside it for the latter.

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