Elephant hill

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Altitude: 3620 m.a.m.s.l.

The southernmost mountain in the Aberdare ranges, that is said to look like an elephant lying on the ground — from a distance.

Usually takes less than a day to summit, though can also be a part of a longer trek that includes other peaks and attractions in Aberdare national park.

The lower levels are covered in bamboo and normal rain forests, with the higher altitudes having tussock grass and a wide array of Afro-alpine plants .

What to do thereTrekking and hiking, usually requiring no special skills but a good level of fitness.

Also possible are picnics, game viewing — animals such as elephants and buffaloes, and birds.

Rain proof gear, warm clothes, and an armed KWS ranger's escort may be required.

Best time to visitThe dry days of the year

Location of Elephant hillThe Elephant hill lies on the southern end of the Aberdare ranges, and inside Aberdare national park.

It also is a few kilometres south of the equator — an area that receives a high amount of rainfall throughout the year.

How to get thereBy hiking, with a number of routes to choose from such as from Njabini forest station.

You may need a vehicle to get to the start of the hike.

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