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    The Equator hotel Arusha is an accommodation property on Boma road of Arusha's Sekei ward, just behind the telecom company (TTCL) building. As one of the older hotels of the city, it still bears much of the 90's architecture with some renovation and additions of modern technology. It has 24 rooms, most of which are situated on the first floor, as well as three room types, namely the double rooms(or single if there's only one occupant), the twin rooms and the triple rooms.

    There is one restaurant and bar onsite that are both located on the ground floor, along with a conference hall.

    The rooms Equator hotel Arusha has a total of 24 rooms and three room types, the double rooms, the twin rooms and the triple rooms. Most of which are located on the first floor of the hotel, with each having its own private balcony and an en-suite bathroom.
    Other room facilities include:
    • A flat panel LCD screen with a limited set of satellite channels
    • Tea and coffee making facilities
    • A closet
    • An electronic safe
    • Possible interconnecting rooms for families
    • A desk and chair
    • An inclusive breakfast buffet
    • A mosquito net
    • Large floor to ceiling windows that lead to the room's private balcony

    The double room This room features one large queen sized bed and a maximum occupancy of two people for a higher price than that of one person. Designed for one person or two people who do not mind sharing a bed.

    The twin room These rooms have two small beds(less than 4 feet wide) and a maximum occupancy of two people. Designed for two people who do not wish to share the same bed.

    The triple rooms Mostly a large queen bed with a smaller bed and a maximum occupancy of three people.

    Other facilities The Equator hotel Arusha's main attractive facility is its secluded green gardens that are normally used for picnics, parties and wedding functions. There also is a secure parking lot that can hold about 15 cars, too big but enough for the hotel's size. At the hotel's south eastern end, behind the kitchen is a conference room that can accommodate up to 150 people.

    The Equator hotel also has free WIFI available at all points of the hotel for a password that is available at the reception.

    Location of Equator hotel The Equator hotel Arusha is located on Boma road of Arusha city's Sekei ward, behind the Tanzania telecommunications company building(TTCL). Its compound lies in a tranquil, tree filled but urban neighbourhood as well as on the slopes of the Themi river, a river that flows from the slopes of mt. Meru. Much of the surrounding buildings are more than two storeys tall and used for offices such banks, airline offices and tour agencies, with a few of them being dedicated hotel buildings.

    The hotel is well inside the CBD and a lot closer to also almost all offices shops and restaurants you may need. At the uphill end of Boma road is Via via, a popular restaurant/cafe/night club of the city. At the other end of Boma road are more restaurants, supermarkets and even a petrol station.

    The regional bus terminal is about 1 km west of the hotel. This is normally where most bus offices are as well as the starting point for most buses that provide transport to almost all of the country's regions and some neighbouring countries. However, some of the more luxurious buses have offices as well as starting points outside this area.

    With regards to airports, there are two options; one a smaller airport about 10 km west of the hotel in Kisongo that only serves small regional or charter flights to national parks. The other airport, much larger in size and second only to Dar es salaam's JKNIA, is located a lot further from the hotel, about 50 km east in the outskirts of another region - Kilimanjaro. Here you may find direct flights to international destinations or even regional if you prefer.

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