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in Arusha
Equator hotel
in Aberdare national park
Kiandongoro Fishing lodge
Cabin accommodation in Aberdare national park, comprising of 2 separate stone-built cottages. Each of these comes fully furnished ...
tanapa (arusha)
in Arusha national park
Tanapa (arusha) rest house
A modern, fully furnished house that is located at the heart of Arusha national park, of northern Tanzania. It serves as accommoda...
in rift valley, Lake nakuru national park
Naishi guest house
A two house self—catering accommodation on the southern end of lake Nakuru national park. One of the houses is larger, with a li...
in Aberdare national park
Sapper hut
A two-roomed wooden cabin, self catering accommodation in Aberdare national park. One of the rooms is the bedroom, with two beds, ...
in Aberdare national park
Tusk camp
Altitude: 2334 m.a.m.s.l. A self catering forest camp made of 4 rooms/cabins for sleeping, each with 2 single beds inside. There a...
in Meru national park
Murera cottage
A group of fully furnished chalets in Meru national park, each with two bedrooms. Each bedroom has a double and a single bed, with...
in Meru national park
Bwatherongi cottage
A group of four separate wooden chalets in Meru national park, each with one or two bedrooms. The one bedroom chalets have two bed...
in lake Jipe, Tsavo west national park
Lake Jipe cottage
A semi open air cottage on the western shores of lake Jipe that is owned and run by the park authorities - KWS. It has several roo...
in Kamboyo, Tsavo west national park
Kamboyo guest house
Altitude: 895 m.a.m.s.l. A 4 bed roomed house for rent located near the northern border of Tsavo west national park. Formerly the ...
in kipalala hill, selous game reserve
Beho Beho Camp hotel
The first camp to be sited in The Selous Game Reserve. Owned by the Bailey family for over forty years, it is situated in the cool...
in themi, Arusha
Olduvai inn
A small budget accommodation hotel that is located in a tranquil and urban part of the city of Arusha - Tanzania....
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