lake Big momella

    The largest of several alkaline lakes that are located inside Arusha national park of northern Tanzania. It serves as a tourist hospot, with several animals to see including both greater and lesser flamingoes, hippos and several other bird species.

    It has a maximum and minimum depth of 31 m and 10 m respectively and also support micro algae.

    What to do there?Game drives around it and its neighbouring lakes Rishateni and - small Momella - with several view points, campsites and picninc sites from which you could spend time in. Canoeing can also be arranged, from any one of the TANAPA ranger posts, at a special fee.

    For a list of attractions that you could visit in the area, please see the section below after map or the attractions page

    Best time to visit?Any time of the year, as the volcanic soils in the area are easily drained when it rains and have been paved with gravel, though the rest of the park may be in a somber mood during the rainy season of March to June.

    Location of lake Big momellaBig Momella is located next to the north eastern border of Arusha national park, and next to its siblings small Momella and lake Rishateni. In fact, the eastern shore of the lake is land belonging to a farmers settlement.

    For more information on this location, please see the map below.

    How to get there?By vehicle, with no preference for 4 x 4's over conventional 2 wheel drives. You could reach it through the national park gates or if you prefer to be an explorer, through the villages east of it.

    For more information on park permits and fees, please see the TANAPA website

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