lake Masek

    A strip shaped, shallow alkaline lake that is located next to the western border of Ngorongoro conservation area, in northern Tanzania. Just like its bigger sibling lake Ndutu, it serves as a water source for animals in the area, as well as tented camps, and lodges.

    Its shallow depth make it seasonal, losing most of its surface area during the dry seasons or long droughts. It along with the lands nearby, serve as the water sources for the river that flows through the famous Olduvai gorge.

    What to do there?Game watching, as most of the herbivores come to drink from it - bringing with them carnivores. But animals are better spotted during the early hours of the day, spending the rest of the day grazing in the lands nearby.

    Other animals that you may see here include flamingos. zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, Thomson's gazelle etc. When done, you could visit som of the other attractions in the conservation area.

    Best time to visitIn December, when the wildebeest migration is in or near the area, along with all times not in the rainy seasons of March to July every year.

    Location of lake MasekLake Masek's basin is located adjacent to the start of the Olduvai gorge, and next to the border between Ngorongoro conservation area and Serengeti national park. lake Ndutu is located about a 2 minute drive north west of it.

    When we last visited the area in late 2017, there were no public campsites in the area, but rather special campsites, tented lodges that followed the migration and about one or two lodges. For more information on its location, please see the map below.

    How to get thereBy vehicle or flight. You could fly to the area using a small passenger plane, landing at the Ndutu airstrip, then head out to the lake using a tours or rented vehicle.

    Alternatively, a drive to the area from Naabi gate would take about half an hour, and about the same from the Olduvai gorge museum. A good 4x4 would be necessary if visiting during the rains.

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