lake Ndutu

    A shallow alkaline lake that is located on the eastern border of Serengeti national park, in northern Tanzania. It serves as a water source for both animals as well as hotels, camps and other facilities in the area. It shares the same basin as lake Masek that is located a short distance east of it - but inside Ngorongoro conservation area.

    In 1973, the shores of lake Ndutu were the location of an archaeological excavation site about 140 square metres that led to the discovery of the Ndutu cranium along with several remains of tools from over 500, 000 years ago.

    What to do there?Game watching, as animals come to drink from it throughout the day, although more can be seen in the morning. Some of the more common ones include Thomson's gazelle, wildebeest (when in season), Zebra, giraffe and flamingos.

    Best time to visitDuring the last months of the year, when the wildebeest are in or near the area. If planning to stay in privately owned camps then this would also be the time when they area open.

    The rainy seasons would require a good 4x4 to traverse the clay soils in the area around the lakes.

    Location of lake NdutuLake Ndutu is located inside Serengeti national park, but also next to its border with the Ngorongoro conservation area. The border between the two is visible as concrete beacons on the southern side of the lake.

    It is also in the early stages of the Serengeti plains - that are said to stretch out for as far as the eye can see. At the time of writing (2017) there are no public campsites in the area, only special campsites along with privately owned ones that move with the wildebeest migration. There also is a lodge in the area.

    For more information on its location, please see the map below.

    How to get thereBy vehicle, preferably a 4x4, about a half hour drive from Naabi gate and two hours from Loduare gate. You can visit it with both a Ngorongoro or Serengeti permit, with a ranger post in the area if renewals are needed. However; a Serengeti permit would give you more access to it.

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