lake Sokorte dika

Marsabit national park, Kenya
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Altitude 1481 m.a.m.s.l.

One of two crater lakes in Marsabit national park — a favourite hangout for elephants, with much of its surface covered with Nile cabbage.

Known as one of the best places in the park to view animals, as the rest of the park is a dense rain forest.

Gets most of its water from rainfall.

What to do thereBird watching, hiking, game viewing — elephants, buffalo, antelopes along with a few other herbivores.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of lake Sokorte dikaThe lake sits within Gof Sokorte dika, in the northern highlands of Marsabit national park.

There is a lodge near its shores.

How to get thereBy hiking or vehicle, as the nearest airstrip is outside the park, in the nearby Marsabit town.

You may need an armed ranger's escort, as well as prior booking to hike.

4x4s are usually recommended, especially during the rainy seasons.

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lake Sokorte dika map preview