Aberdare's Table Mountain

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Altitude: 3820 m.a.m.s.l.

A part of the Aberdare ranges and Aberdare national park, with a large plateau at its top.

Also at its top are several ponds and marshes, with most of the area being a moorland which sometimes gets foggy.

What to do thereHiking and trekking, with no special climbing skills required, but rather a good fitness level.

Also possible are picnics, camping, game viewing and bird watching.

Can be part of a longer journey that covers other peaks and attractions in Aberdare national park.

Water proof gear and warm clothing may be necessary.

Best time to visitAny time of the year.

Location of Aberdare's Table Mountain Aberdare's table mountain is near the northern end of the Aberdare ranges, with Mount Satima a few hours north of it by hiking.

It also is on the western end of Aberdare national park, overlooking the rift valley to the west.

The equator sits a few kilometres north of here.

How to get thereBy hiking, usually requiring an armed KWS ranger to escort you.

It takes a day or two to the summit and back — depending on where you start from.

The journey to the summit has to be done on foot, with vehicles only getting you to the start of the hike.

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