mount Kasigau

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Altitude 1641 m.a.m.s.l.

A steep sided mountain in southern Kenya near the border with Tanzania. It along with two others named Dabida and Sagala are known as the taita hills, which are also a part of the eastern arc mountains.

It has 2 peaks which provide amazing views of Kilimanjaro in the distance, Tsavo West, along with surrounding lands and hills, and is home to the rare montane white-eyed bird.

Other important features include trenches dug during world war 1, and some well-positioned bandas for accommodation.

What to do there?Hiking, birdwatching, lodging, cultural tourism. Hike to its top whether for the amazing views, for fun, or to just be closer to nature.

Best time to visitThe dry seasons of the year.

Location of mount KasigauMount Kasigau is located a few minutes worth of driving from the southeastern border of Tsavo west national park, and about the same distance south west of the Nairobi — Mombasa road.

Around it's base are 5 communities that partake in it's tourism and conservation efforts. Forinformation on this location please see the map below.

How to get there?Mostly by road, using passenger buses or a private car from the nearest township of Maungu along the Nairobi —Mombasa highway

It also sits on the way to Tsavo West national park's Kasigau gate, though not a part of it.

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