Arusha declaration museum

    The Arusha declaration museum is a site that showcases the history of Tanzania while under the socialism and self reliance policy as well as the years leading up to its introduction. It is named after a declaration that first introduced the 'African socialism' or 'Ujamaa' policy and is located next to a monument that was built to commemorate it.

    Much of its exhibits are in the form of photos, but there are a few statues and models of people of that time as well as original artifacts. some of the things you might see there include:
    • One of the actual uhuru torches that were raced around the country after its independence
    • Chairs that were used by TANU leaders during the struggle for independence
    • Models of an ujamaa village
    • Photos of Tanzanian soldiers during the war with Idi Amin Dada
    • Photos of key moments from 1967 when the policy was introduced
    • Old photos of political leaders
    . The museum grounds serve as a public garden (for a fee). At the time of writing (2017), entrance fees are charged at TSHS 1500 for Tanzanian residents and 8000 for non residents.

    A history of the declarationThe declaration occurred in 1967 in Arusha and it signalled the introduction of 'socialism' to Tanzania, a policy that was similar to that used by the USSR. This was a key moment in the country's history as it played part in a lot of events in the years that followed, some of which were good and some bad. Much of its policies still play a role in the conduct of the country's people, thus prompting the creation of a museum.

    The declaration came just two years after the union of Tanganyika with Zanzibar in october 1965 to form Tanzania and 6 years after Tanganyika got its independence from the British in december 1961.

    What to do there?Learn about the history of post - colonial Tanzania, particularly while under the leadership of its first president mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, as this was the time during which the ujamaa policy was implemented; However, the place can seem to be less interesting to those who do not now much about the policy, so be sure to read a little about it before going there.

    Location of Arusha declaration museumThe Arusha declaration museum is located at the intersection of Makongoro and Kaloleni roads of the city of Arusha - Tanzania. Its location puts it right next to the roundabout that holds the uhuru torch monument (a.k.a Arusha declaration monument) and in a bustling commercial retail area of the city that lies next to the CBD.

    The museum is also located about a five minutes walk from the city stadium, several hotels, the central police station, the regional bus terminal and several kinds of shops that sell everything from clothes to souvenirs. For more information about its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?There is no public transport option that passes right next to the museum, but there are some whose routes go nearby. In any case, you would want to get a mini bus headed to the regional bus stand (usually the last stop), then walk from there (use the map). If you are using private transport then please use the map to get there. The museum gate is on Kaloleni road that heads north from the roundabout, with a small parking space inside for about 10 cars.

    ReferencesInformation from a visit to the museum and its archives

    AbbreviationsCBD - Central Business District

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