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A museum in South Africa showing the history and arts of George — a city established in the 18th century as a wood cutter's station for the Dutch East India Company, and later named after king George III of of the British empire.

It is housed in what was the residency built in 1815 for the town's first magistrate. Since then it was used as a hotel before its current use.

The original building was H-shaped, with two separate double storey wings and thatched roofs — linked by a flat roofed center section.

Since then it has been expanded, with much of the original material being replaced with modern ones like steel.

The museum started when Charles Sayers' private collection turned into a single roomed mini museum in 1967 and gained popularity — growing into the current museum.

Today, the original museum has been recreated inside the current museum with much of the original items.

There also is a woodcutter's cabin similar to those built at the founding of the city, a collection of indigenous trees, a library with documents about the town, a collection of arts and memorabilia from the area and displays on the city's history and timber industry.

Best time to visitAnytime of the year

What to do thereExplore the museum, learn more about the history of George, South Africa.

Location of George museumIn George's CBD, Western cape — less than 10 km north of the Indian ocean.

How to get thereBy vehicle, train, bus, cycling, walking.

There is a train and bus station within the city's limits and an airport some distance outside it.

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