Hout Bay museum

 Hout Bay museum of Western Cape as seen from the front <sup>1</sup>

Hout Bay museum of Western Cape as seen from the front 1
A museum showing the history of Hout bay — a seaside town in South Africa, founded in the 1670's by Dutch settlers from the Cape colony or Cape Town today, looking for construction timber.

It is housed in a small white cottage built for a nearby school's headmaster, with gardens around it.

Inside are displays and photos of the town's history, people, mining and fishing industries, past equipment, local art and indigenous plant species — some of which are planted in the gardens.

The museum also holds weekly hiking trips to the nearby mountains.

What to do thereSee or know more about Hout bay and its past.

Or go hiking and sight seeing in the nearby mountains and other areas of the town.

Best time to visitDuring spring and summer or August to July, for easier hiking and exploration.

Location of Hout Bay museumIn Hout bay — within walking distance of the shore and harbour.

How to get thereBy boat, vehicle, public minibuses.

There is a seaport nearby, though the nearest airport is less than an hour's drive away in Cape Town.

References1. By Nkansah Rexford - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32990308

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