Kwa Muhle museum

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A museum showing life in Durban before and during apartheid, as well as the contribution of its people to its Development.

It is housed in the old headquarters for Durban's Native administration department, built in the 1920s — a complex of several buildings the highest being two stories, with a courtyard and garden at its centre.

This was the centre of Durban's harsh labour control system, said to discriminate against non whites and immigrants, with workers having to find work permits here before working in the city.

Today the museum holds photos and displays of the city's past, its people, workers — represented by life sized mannequins in different scenes, as well as crafts and traditional medicines.

KwaMuhle is Zulu for 'the place of the good one', referring to the Native administration department's first manager — J.S. Marwick, who helped more than 7000 Zulus escape Gauteng during the Anglo-Boer war.

What to do thereExplore the museum, see and know more about Durban's past.

Or have functions at the courtyard — may need prior arrangements.

Best time to visitAny time of the year.

Location of Kwa Muhle museumIn Durban's city centre, near a large parking area and the Gugu Dlamini park.

How to get thereBy train, public buses, boat, walking, cycling, taxi, vehicle.

There is a seaport, bus and train station within walking distance and an airport within the city's limits.

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