Lamu museum

 Lamu museum, a view from the front <sup>1</sup>

Lamu museum, a view from the front 1
A three storey stone building in Old town — Lamu, that showcases the area's history, traditions and culture of its people.

Most exhibits are in the form of photos, documents and artifacts.

Provides a good introduction to the unique ways of the island that is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

The second floor balcony offers amazing views of the coastine.

What to do thereLearn more about the history, culture and traditions of Lamu people, and see some of the tools used in their daily lives.

Best time to visitAny time of the year.

Location of Lamu museumLamu Museum sits in Lamu town, just a few steps from the eastern shores of Lamu island — Kenya.

It also lies in a unique town and UNESCO world heritage site, with streets so narrow that donkeys and walking are the main form of transportation.

Also nearby is the main jetty.

How to get thereBy walking or boat.

The nearest Manda airport is on an island opposite Lamu — reachable by a short ferry or boat ride.

There are daily buses from Malindi and Mombasa to Mokowe, on the mainland again requiring a ferry or speedboat for the crossing.

References1. By KrgThis photo was taken by Karl Ragnar Gjertsen.Please credit this photo Karl Ragnar Gjertsen in the immediate vicinity of the image. - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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