Montagu museum

 Montagu museum of Western Cape, the old mission church <sup>1</sup>

Montagu museum of Western Cape, the old mission church 1
A museum in Western Cape showing the history and heritage of Montagu — a town started by Dutch settlers from the Cape colony and known for its many hot springs and scenic mountains.

It is housed in an old mission church built in 1907, with a collection that includes photos, arts, paintings, bibles, wedding dresses, herbal remedies, old equipment and other memorabilia from the area.

There are other museum buildings on the same street like the Joubert house and the KWV complex — all of which bear Cape Dutch architecture and are some of the town's oldest buildings.

What to do thereExplore the museum, see and even know more about Montagu and its past, or visit other attractions in the area.

Best time to visitSeptember to February if from outside Montagu, otherwise any time of the year.

Location of Montagu museumAt the heart of Montagu, and in Western Cape — South Africa.

How to get thereBy bus or vehicle.

The nearest train station is in nearby Ashton, and the nearest airfield at Robertson — an hour's drive away.

References1. By A3alb - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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