Olduvai gorge museum

    A museum that showcases the history and information about the findings made in and around the Olduvai gorge of the Ngorongoro conservation area. Enclosed in its own compound, it has a separate dining area, a curio shop, a lecture room, toilets all powered using a combination of wind mills and solar panels.

    There also is a view point overlooking the gorge, that also provides views far into the distance in the directions of both Nasera rock and Ngorongoro crater.

    What to do there?Observe the Olduvai gorge from a higher vantage point, although there are other more beautiful parts of the gorge that you can get to via a short drive or walk - such as the large Olduvai (Olduvai kubwa).

    The museum also has some interesting bits of information about the gorge and findings that were made there, along with a shop that you could buy souvenirs from.

    Best time to visitAny time of the year.

    Location of Olduvai gorge museumThe Olduvai gorge museum can be said to be an oasis in the middle of nowhere, a spark of civilization amidst a semi arid landscape. It is located south of the Olduvai gorge and in the western part of the Ngorongoro conservation area, near its border with the Serengeti national park.

    For more information on its location, please see the map below.

    How to get there?By vehicle, unless you prefer walking through the desert landscape - which can be fun. It is much closer to the Serengeti national park, lake Ndutu (south west) and the Loliondo game controlled area (north) and about a two hour drive from Loduare gate.

    As it is inside the Ngorongoro conservation area, you would need to pay for the respective permits before heading out here (see NCAA website).

    AbbreviationsNCAA - Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority
    m.a.m.s.l. - metres above metric sea level

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