OM Berghhuis museum

 O.M. Berghhuis of Stellenbosch <sup>1</sup>

O.M. Berghhuis of Stellenbosch 1
One of the houses inside the Stellenbosch village museum and former home of Olof Marthinus Bergh — once deputy sheriff of the area.

It was built around 1840 on what was part of the Schreuderhuis plot — first as a single storey building, with the second storey being added in the second half of the same century.

Since then it has been renovated to show the lifestyle of a well off Stellenbosch family of 1840 to 1880, or the same time the Bergh family lived here.

This was also after British rule of the area, with much of the furniture and items inside showing this.

What to do thereExplore the house, see or know more about the history of Stellenbosch and the Bergh family.

Or visit other historic buildings, museums and galleries in the area.

Best time to visitAny time of the year.

Location of OM Berghhuis museumOn the southeastern end of Stellenbosch village museum, across the street from the mother Church.

It is also in Western Cape — South Africa.

How to get thereBy walking, cycling, train, passenger minibus, taxi, vehicle.

There is a train station nearby as well as an airport and seaport some distance away.

References1. By HelenOnline - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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