Willem Prinsloo agricultural museum

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One of South Africa's largest collection of antique farming equipment — a museum showing the history of agriculture in the country, from its early beginnings to the 20th century.

It is part of a farm that was started by some of the first European settlers in Pretoria, before it was purchased by Willem Prinsloo in 1889.

Since then, it stayed in the family until it was donated to the museum in 1976 by Martjie Le Roux Prinsloo. In 1988 the rest was bought and the house fully furnished with antique furniture.

Today, the farm sits on a windswept and tranquil field, surrounded by trees and greenery — with several structures and two furnished house museums, one much smaller and older than the other.

The museum's collection includes old tractors, tillers, ox wagons, horse carts, blacksmith's tools and other equipment used to process farm produce.

Also on the farm are real life farm animals, two replica homesteads of the indigenous Ndebele people — with displays inside about their history, a dam, a pond, a farm stall selling farm produce, picnic areas with braai facilities, a campsite, a restaurant and an outdoor clay oven where fresh bread is baked.

With prior bookings, visitors have the opportunity to see some of the activities performed and even take part, such as bread baking, cow milking, coffee roasting and alcohol making.

Once every year, there is a Mampoer festival for traditionally distilled moonshine and all things related, the prickly pear festival for jams, chutneys and other prickly pear products, and a farming festival for farming equipment, methods and products.

What to do thereSee South Africa's largest collection of antique farming equipment, camping, picnics, braais, functions, dine at the restaurant — may need a prior booking.

Or learn more about the history of farming in South Africa and how some of the farm produce was made back in the day.

Or attend one of the three annual events.

Best time to visitAny time not during the winter months of March to July every year.

Location of Willem Prinsloo agricultural museumOn a large field in the outskirts of Rayton — a few kilometres east of Pretoria.

How to get thereBy vehicle.

The nearest train station is some distance away in Rayton, and the nearest airport in Pretoria.

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