Anderson's gate

 Anderson's gate of Etosha national park, visitors waiting to enter<sup>1</sup>

Anderson's gate of Etosha national park, visitors waiting to enter1
One of Etosha national park's entrance/exit gates.

Named after Swedish explorer Charles John Anderson, who was one of the first Europeans to record the existence of the Etosha pan.

What to do thereMake park payments, get tickets as well as information about the park.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of Anderson's gateAnderson gate sits on the southern end of the park, and about a 5 hour drive north of Windhoek using tarmac roads.

This is a shrub land area, and there are several camps and lodges nearby for accommodation.

How to get thereBy road.

There is a small airstrip nearby as well as others inside the park, but you may need to arrange for transportation if intending do some game drives.

There also are a number of tour companies offering affordable self drive, overland and bus tours.

Or use a private/rental car to get there.

References1. By Pavel Špindler, CC BY 3.0,

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