Londorosi gate

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Altitude: 2250 m.a.m.s.l.

An entry point into mount Kilimanjaro national park that lies on its north-western foothills.

Although given the name gate, the place is more of a compound, containing several offices belonging to the park authorities TANAPA.

It also serves as an administrative starting point for the Shira and Lemosho hiking routes.

Every hiker intending to use any of these routes is usually required to complete the necessary documentations at the park offices located at the site, after which they are taken to the trail start by car.

This may either be the Lemosho glades trail head (Lemosho route) or the murram barrier gate (Shira route).

Londorosi gate is the only one in the park that is situated a long distance from the start of the hiking trail.

What to do thereHiking, bird watching, game viewing, picnics checkin to the park, pay for park fees and permits.

Best time to visitAny time not in the rainy seasons of March to June and October to November every year.

Location of Londorosi gateLondorosi gate is located in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, a few kilometres from the big trees of the actual montane forest.

The area around it is remote, consisting mainly of tree plantations with the few houses next to the gate's compound as the only ones in sight.

The area receives moderate rainfall when compared to the rest of the mountain and is also about 40Km from the northern border between Kenya and Tanzania.

The only roads in the area near the gate are dirt roads that are periodically maintained but still affected by heavy rainfall, thus requiring the use of a robust 4X4 vehicle.

When headed to the gate from Moshi or Arusha, most of the journey would be on tarmac roads, except for the final part.

Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l. - metres above mean sea level
TANAPA - Tanzania Park Authorities

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