Momela gate

    Altitude: 1580 m.a.m.s.l.

    One of the northern entrance/exit points into Arusha National park, situated near the rural suburb of Momela and the northeastern foothills of mount Meru.

    It serves as an administrative checkpoint for TANAPA, where permits for everyone or vehicle entering or leaving the park may be checked or acquired.

    There actually are four security gates at the site, one headed in each of the compass directions — south to Ngongongare gate and the rest of the park; another east to the Momela lakes; the third a smaller trekkers only headed West to mount Meru; and the last north exiting the park

    It has a large parking area, a modern office for TANAPA, a ranger's post, a souvenirs shop, flushing toilets (W.C.'s), a good supply of water, quarters for the rangers, lunch benches for resting or eating and a cafeteria that serves both hot and cold drinks, along with a limited food menu.

    At the time of writing, there is no power supply to the area, thus most equipment runs on solar energy.

    What to do there?Register and acquire any permits, gather information and resources you may need from TANAPA before or after entering the park.

    You normally just have to tell them what you intend to do inside the park whether it is canoeing, a safari or hiking and the rangers at the site would tell you everything you need to know as well as what you need to pay.

    At the time of writing (2017), payment is done electronically using either credit cards, visa cards or TANAPA pay cards, so make sure to have one before getting there or at least consult with TANAPA offices.

    The gate also is where you may collect keys to some of the park's facilities such as campsites and rest houses — so make sure to check in here before heading out to them.

    The souvenir shops offer great memorabilia to remind you of your time inside the park, but if you are exiting through other gates, then don't worry as there is another one at Ngongongare gate south of here.

    For those climbing mount Meru, then the gate is also where you would meet your crew before or after heading out. Other than that you could visit the rest of the park's attractions.

    Best time to visitThe gate itself can be visited anytime throughout the year as the Momela road is used by passenger buses or vehicles as well.

    However, the rest of the park would be rather less interesting if visited in the rainy season of March to June as unexpected showers may limit your mobility.

    Location of Momela gateMomela gate is located on the northern border of Arusha national park, near the rural suburb of Momela.

    It is also near the north eastern foothills of mount Meru and less than a kilometre away from uwanja wa mbogo (buffalo's glade), Tululusia waterfalls and the park's public campsites.

    For more information on its location, please see the map below.

    How to get there?Getting to the gate itself can be done by public transport as well, either a chartered car or a bus from Arusha bus terminal heading to Momela.

    However, you may need vehicular transport depending on which part of the park you would like to go.

    From the gate, most of the public campsites and nearby attractions can be reached via a short walk.

    To find out more about your transportation options inside the park please contact TANAPA offices.

    Alternatively, you could get there by a private car from Arusha, Moshi or any of the neighbouring villages and towns (see map).

    ReferencesInformation from an acual visit to the gate

    Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l. - metres above metric sea level
    TANAPA - Tanzania National Parks

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