Ruhuruini gate

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Altitude: 2288 mamsl

One of the lesser used entrance/exit gates for Aberdare national park, situated on its eastern end.

What to do thereCheck into the park, get information about it, park tickets/permits or pay for park fees.

Most of these services are also available at the Mweiga park HQ. with many opting to complete payments there.

Best time to visitAny time during when it is not raining

Location of Ruhuruini gate Ruhuruini gate is amidst the rain forests of Aberdare national park's eastern end, near a small river.

How to get thereBy vehicle, as the closest aerodrome is a bit further out, in Nyeri.

The drive from Nyeri goes through several smaller towns, commercial forests and finally, the parks own forests.

A vehicle would be needed to get into and roam the park.

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