Sirimon gate

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Altitude 2650 m.a.m.s.l.

The Sirimon gate of mount Kenya is one of the many entry points into mount Kenya national park, as well as the start of the Sirimon trekking route to its summit. Although an official gate, it is located a short distance inside the boundary of the rainforest that makes up the park.

Apart from being an entry point, the gate also has accommodation available, in the form of several bandas (cottages) that are owned and run by the Kenya Wildlife services (KWS). These come with most of the amenities that you might find in a modern house. There also is a campsite available for those who prefer to sleep in tents, with camping facilities including toilets, security, benches and water

For easy access, there is an airstrip next to it, that can also be used for possible air safaris, from the gate. Lastly, because this is an entry point to the park, there are KWS administrative offices on site where all potential park visitors are required to pay and register before entering.

Location of Sirimon gateThe Sirimon gate is located a short distance inside the mount Kenya's rainforest and in its northwestern foothills. Although it's location is remote, there are several towns and villages nearby (outside the park), and a river about half a kilometre walk east from it

Much of the surrounding vegetation is characteristic to that found in a rainforest, complete with sounds of birds, insects and one or two unidentified ones every now and then. Rainfall is a common thing all year round, with the ground remaining damp most of the time and thus requiring waterproof equipment.

From here, the next official campsite is the Old moses, although there are plenty of spots along the way where you could choose to camp, as it is allowed anywhere on the mountain. Most of the people you would see at the gate would be either hiking up the mountain or venturing a short distance into the park for either camping or a safari.

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