Wandare gate

 Wandare gate of Aberdare national park <sup>1</sup>

Wandare gate of Aberdare national park 1
One of Aberdare national park's entrance/exit gates situated on its north eastern border, with few facilities.

What to do thereGet your park permits/ tickets, pay for them, get information about the park, or assistance from a ranger.

Other park related services may be available at the KWS Mweiga headquarters.

Best time to visitAny time when not raining

Location of Wandare gateWandare gate sits on the north eastern end of Aberdare national park, less than an hour's drive outside the town of Nyeri — on the way to Nyahururu.

How to get thereBy car, or air.

Either way, you may need a vehicle to get into and roam the park.

There are a number of airstrips in the area, with the nearest being Mweiga airstrip and Nyeri airport.

Non 4x4's can be used, although some areas of the park may become inaccessible during the rains.

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