Mountain Zebra national park

a rainbow over its plains <sup>1</sup>

Mountain Zebra national park, a rainbow over its plains 1
A nature preserve for the endangered cape mountain Zebra, and other plant species — spanning some 280 square kilometres of mountainous grassland, Nama-Karoo and thicket.

Known for its spectacular spring flower displays.

What to do thereGame drives, hiking, bird watching, game viewing, picnics, camping, swimming, cheetah tracking, visit the San cave paintings.

Location of Mountain Zebra national park It sits on the Southern end of the country, and inside Eastern Cape province — a few minutes worth of driving north west of Cradock.

How to get thereBy air, train, road. There is an airstrip, and train station in Cradock.

References1. By Leo za1 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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