Triple a nightclub

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The triple A night club is one of the oldest hangouts in the city of Arusha - Tanzania, with roots that date as far back as the 80's. Still, it keeps getting better, growing from a small establishment to what is today one of the largest and most hospitable hotspots in the city. There literally is something for everyone at the place, with a nightclub, a live band performance, a restaurant, bar, lounge, a hair salon and it is affiliated to a radio broadcasting station (triple A radio).

On most nights, entrance to all areas is free, with the exception of the nightclub, which costs TSHS 10,000; However, the nightclub is only open from thursday through to sunday. There also is a large parking lot, with a lot of security on site, including a bouncer that constantly patrols the entertainment areas.

What to do there?Eat, drink and enjoy the music at the restaurant and bar on any day of the week. There usually is a mouthwatering barbeque the smell of which fills almost every corner of the outdoor areas. Due to its age and history, there usually are a few of the older people, reminiscing on good times past.

From thursday through to sunday, the nightclub comes alive, a separate building where the younger people like to flock into. For those who prefer solitude, there is a separate lounge (free entry) with several tv screens that show games and other programs.

Location of Triple a nightclubTriple A nightclub is located just a few kilometres from the CBD of the city of Arusha, in the Sakina suburb (Kiranyi ward) - Tanzania. It is in a residential neighbourhood and also is along the highway to Namanga and normally requires a bit of maneuvering onto the service roads to get to it. For more information on it location, please see the map below (click to start).

How to get there?Please use the map to get there. We recommend using a taxi or tours services (especially at night) rather than public transport to get there; However, for information purposes, use buses to Ngaramtoni (if you are from the city centre) and ask to be dropped off at triple A. At nighttime, it usually is a highly lit compound easily visible from the road.

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