Socialist peak

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Altitude: 4566 mamsl (metres above mean sea level)

The highest point of Mt. Meru as well as it's summit, with a signpost atop a pile of volcanic rocks.

It is situated on top of a ridge, on the western side of the mountain's crater rim — with amazing views of the crater, and Meru's inner volcanic cone.

It is usually reached during the early hours of the third day of your climb, with those arriving before dawn geting to enjoy sunrise along with views of mount Kilimanjaro and Arusha city in the distance, and the rest of Arusha national park.

What to do thereGive yourself, your friends, and your guide a pat on the back, cause you've made it to the top of Tanzania's second highest mountain, and Africa's 5th.

Otherwise, enjoy the sunrise and amazing views — and don't forget to take photos.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of Socialist peakSocialist peak sits on the eastern end of mount Meru's outer crater rim — an alpine desert with no vegetation or animals.

It also is inside Arusha national park, though most animals dwell in the lower altitudes.

How to get thereBy hiking, usually taking two or three days from the start at Momela gate.

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