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in kibo crater, kilimanjaro national park
Kibo Crater campsite
Altitude: 5730 m.a.m.s.l
An overnight resting point or campsite that is located on top of the Kibo volcanic cone, one of the th...
in northern Tanzania
Kilimanjaro national park
Mount Kilimanjaro national park is where Africa's tallest, mt. Kilimanjaro lies with the mountain making up most of the park. It i...
in Northern, Namibia
Etosha national park
Altitude:1080 m.a.m.s.l. (pan) - 1300 (highest)
One of Namibia's larger and more popular national parks and home of th...
in akheri, Arusha
lake Duluti
A crater lake that is located in a subsidiary vent for mount Meru. It gets its water mainly from rainfall and ground water that se...
Etosha salt pan
in Etosha National Park
Etosha Salt Pan
Altitude:1080 - 1090 m.a.m.s.l. It is the largest of all salt pans in area, with a size of about 4800 square kilometers. Gets its ...
in Tsavo west national park
Mzima Springs
An Oasis and the site of four natural springs that produce about 250 million litres of crystal clear water daily, most of which gu...
ol jorowa
in Hell's gate national park
Ol Jorowa gorge
One of the most popular sites in Hells gate national park, and a hiking destination. Known for its picturesque — vertical walls...
in Nairobi national park
Nairobi Safari Walk
A compound in Nairobi national park that harbours several animals, housed in enclosures that resemble their natural habitats. It o...
bomas of kenya
in Nairobi
Bomas Of Kenya
A compound in Nairobi that showcases the traditional houses and villages used by each of the 44 tribes of Kenya 1. Most of these a...
nairobi national
in Museum hill, Nairobi
Nairobi National museum
The flagship museum for the National Museums of Kenya, opened in September 1930 by the colonial government of that time. It showca...
in Etosha National Park
Okaukuejo camp
One of several accommodation points inside Etosha national park, a village managed by Namibia wildlife resorts. Inside are a large...
in Etosha National Park
Halali camp
One of Etosha national park's accommodation points, run by Namibia wildlife resorts. Around it's perimeter is a game pro...
lake nakuru
in western Kenya
Lake Nakuru national park
A national park in western Kenya, situated entirely in the great rift valley with ...
Makgadikgadi pans
in North eastern, Botswana
Makgadikgadi Pans national park
One of Botswana's more popular national park, getting its name from the Makgadikgadi pans — a collection of salt pans in th...
uwanja wa mbogo (buffalos glade)
in Arusha national park
Uwanja Wa Mbogo (buffalos Glade)
A large grazing field for buffaloes, girrafe and warthogs where walking safaris to Tululusia waterfalls or mount Meru climbers nor...
in Arusha national park
Ngurudoto crater
One of three beautiful craters located inside the Arusha region. Located just about 20 km from the city, it is the closest....
in bangata, Arusha national park
Cave waterfall
a waterfall as well as one of the many water sources for the Arusha Urban Water Supply Authority that are located just a short dis...
in arusha rural, Arusha
Maasai crater
The Maasai crater is a large volcanic caldera that is located about 30 kilometres south west of the city of Arusha - Tanzania. Fro...
in Arusha national park
Tululusia waterfall
Altitude: 1660 m.a.m.s.l.
A tall and beautiful waterfall that is located deep inside Arusha national park and on the slopes...
in mount Meru, Arusha national park
Maio waterfall
Altitude: 2240 m.a.m.s.l.
One of the best waterfalls that we have seen so far on the slopes of mount Meru, despite its smal...
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