Kimotorok ranger post

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A ranger post on the southeastern border of Tarangire national park, a checkpoint for those entering or leaving it. East of here lies normal village grounds, with most houses built in the maasai boma style - as protection for both humans and cattle.

It is mostly used by those coming from or going to Arusha using the dirt road east of the park.

What to do therePay for your park permits or get them checked in or out before entering or leaving the park respectively. Or just get information about the park. If you have pre arranged to get a ranger at this point, then this could also be where you get a ranger to escort you.

Or visit the bomas in the area. For a list of other attractions inside the park, please see our attractions page.

Best time to visit?Any time of the year, though you may need a good 4x4 to visit during the rainy season of march to June.

Location of Kimotorok ranger postKimotorok ranger post is located on the south eastern end of Tarangire national park, a remote area amidst the Oldule swamp and just a few minutes shy of the actual park boundary - east of it.

For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?Mostly by road, with two routes, one a dirt outback road east of the park and the other the tarmac Arusha - Babati highway on the park's west.

This could be via a self drive safari, using a private or rental vehicle - with daily park tariffs for this include conservation fees, vehicle fees and possibly camping or accommodation fees - if spending the night inside the park.

There are airstrips in the area, but you still would need a vehicle to get around the park, and they mostly serve regional flights. The larger international airports are located a bit further out in Arusha or Kilimanjaro - about a half day drive away.

For more information on park fees and tariffs, please see the TANAPA website.

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