Tanapa (arusha) rest house

Tanapa (arusha) rest house of Arusha national park,  view from the front with mt. Meru on the far left

Tanapa (arusha) rest house of Arusha national park, view from the front with mt. Meru on the far left
A modern, fully furnished house that is located at the heart of Arusha national park, of northern Tanzania. It serves as accommodation to park guests, an more comfortable option to the campsites.

It comes fully equipped with indoor toilets and bathrooms, a kitchen and several rooms, all at a cheaper price than that of nearby hotels.

What to do there?Spend a night within Arusha national park, while protected from the elements before continuing with exploration on the next day. Park permits are extended to 24 hours for those who use accommodation inside it - whether hotels, campsites, or rest houses.

Campsites do get a bit chilly in the morning, as the park is at a much higher altitude than the nearby city of Arusha, thus the rest house’s beds may make for a more comfortable option. You may also see some animals wandering nearby, mostly herbivores.

For a list of attractions that you could see in the area, please see the section below after map or the attractions page.

Best time to visit?Any time of the year, as the roads that lead up to it are all seasons dirt roads.

Location of Tanapa (arusha) rest houseThis TANAPA rest house is located right at the heart of Arusha national park, about 2 kilometres east of Momela rd. and on a clearing amidst the Meru rainforest. For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?By vehicle or by hiking. As this is one of few parks in the country that allow hiking - due to fewer predators though a ranger may be needed for safety reasons

Alternatively, you could use a private, rental or tours and travel vehicle, with no preference for 4 x 4. There also are passenger buses that ply the Momela road from Arusha, but you may need to check with park authorities on their use.

For more information on park permits and fees, please see the TANAPA website

AbbreviationsTANAPA - Tanzania National Parks

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