Kivukoni fish market tourist site

    The Kivukoni fish market is a trading spot for fish and seafood that were caught or produced in the Kivukoni area as well as the neighbouring places. In other words, throughout the day, there is fish being delivered to the place by fishermen and also people from all places of the city coming to buy from it. It is famous for having different kinds of seafood available at the some of the lowest prices in the city.

    The seafood can be bought both raw as well as cooked at any of the individual vendors on site as well as the one restaurant.

    What to do there?Sample the many kinds of seafood that are available there, most of which are usually freshly caught on the same day. Try out everything from the octopus, squid, shrimp, prawns or any of the fish that the fishermen were lucky to have caught on that day, all for as low as 5 USD. A variety of the other local dishes are available as well such as fries, chapati (morning) and rice.

    If you are not particularly hungry for that day then you can just watch the many traders perform their daily duties, or watch the fishermen do their craft behind the market. With a good seat at the restaurant, you could watch the ships come into or out of the port and the Kigamboni ferry go from bank to bank. Just remember to leave your valuables at your hotel or home when you come to this place and carry only as much money as you need.

    Location of Kivukoni fish market tourist siteThe Kivukoni fish market is located at the intersections of Kivukoni front road and Barrack Obama drive, in Kivukoni area of Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Its location puts it in the city's CBD and next to the main state house, the Kivukoni bus station (both for BRT system and dala dala's) and near the mouth of the Magogoni creek (harbour). For more information on its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?From any part of the city, just get public transport heading to the Kivukoni area, whether it is the BRT system or just normal dala dala. The market is at the end of the route, a large red-tile roofed building next to the creek and on the northern end of the Kivukoni bus stand area.

    AbbreviationsBRT - Bus Rapid Transit
    CBD - Central Business District

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