Naiyobi village

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A small maasai village located a few kilometres north of the empakai crater and within view of mount Oldoinyo lengai. It is inside ngorongoro conservation area, albeit just a few kilometres shy of the northern border.

The village has a bustling Masai community many of whom live inside traditional bomas, all of which serve as a good spot for cultural tourism - especially for those headed to the constantly rumbling mountain next to it.

What to do there?Explore and experience the traditional Masai lifestyle in an area left untouched by civilization. Or visit several traditional bomas and interact with locals.

This is also good place to get a firsthand account of all of mount Lengai's past eruptions and what the villagers did, but not a good place to be in the event of an actual eruption.

Best time to visit?Any time of the year, but you will need a good 4 x 4 if heading out here during the rainy season.

Location of Naiyobi villageNaiyobi village is located near the northern border of Ngorongoro conservation area, and in northern tanzania. It is also close to other attractions such as mount lengai, Kerimasi crater and lake Turkana. For more information on its location please see the map below.

How to get there?By vehicle mostly, about a 2 hour drive from loduare gate using a dirt road heading all the way round the eastern rim of Ngorongoro crater, past Olmoti and empakai and ending at the village.

However, most people prefer to use a vehicle to get to empakai, spend a night there camping then hike the rest of the way there, ending with a hike up Oldoinyo lengai.

As as it is inside the conservation area, you would need to pay for the respective permits before heading out here (see NCAA website for more info).

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