Maio waterfall

    Altitude: 2240 m.a.m.s.l.

    This is one of the best waterfalls that we have seen so far on the slopes of mount Meru, despite its small size. The pools next to it hold catfish - a spectacular site at this altitude, and there is a natural evergreen lawn that serves as a picnic site. It is small in size when compared to other falls on the mountain, with a height from top to bottom of about 3 metres

    What to do there?Hike or drive to the place and have a picnic, as well as enjoy the sights. We have no Idea how the catfish got up here, but they do add to the liveliness and beauty of the place. For animal lovers and birdwatchers alike, this may be your chance to do your thing.

    When done, there is a whole park and a mountain waiting for you to explore, with many other options for accommodation (campsites, hotels and rest houses) so that you don't really have to leave until you actually are done.

    Best time to visit?Any time not in the rainy season of March to July, taking note that it may last a little longer as this is the rainforest after all. As a bonus, visiting the place on a day with clear skies may actually enable you to get magnificent views of the mountains Kilimanjaro (Africa's tallest) and Meru (the one you are on) along with the rest of the park from an elevated altitude.

    Location of Maio waterfallThe Maio waterfalls are located well inside the rainforest zone and on the slopes of mount Meru - Tanzania. It also is inside the Arusha national park and just 15 kilometres north east of the city of Arusha. The Miriakamba huts that are used by hikers to the summit of the mountain are located about a 30 minutes drive away, although you may need a permit to drive up there.

    Please see the map below (click to start) for more info on the waterfall's location.

    How to get there?By hiking or by vehicle. The falls are actually quite close to the Miriakamba huts thus making it possible for people climbing or descending the mountain to visit them, in this case, the picnic area would be perfect for a lunch stop. Although possible to hike from the base of the mountain, the falls are so far that you would probably have to sleep at a campsite nearby.

    Getting there by vehicle would require about an hours worth of driving up the steep slopes of mount Meru if following the park speed limit of 30 Kph (recommended unless you want to end up in the bushes or off a cliff). This would take you past several attractions such as the Kilimanjaro view point and the fig tree arch, along with three public campsites.

    In either case, you would normally have to start at Momela gate, where they would check your permits and possibly give you a ranger or information (if needed). Alternatively, you could use one of the tours and travel companies.

    ReferencesInformation from an actual visit to the waterfalls

    Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l. - metres above metric sea level
    TANAPA - Tanzania National Parks

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