Makalia waterfall

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A waterfall on the southern end of lake Nakuru national park, along one of the rivers that flow into the lake.

It has a drop of about 10 m off a sheer cliff, a large plunge pool, and a campsite nearby.

What to do thereSpend a night at the campsite nearby, picnics, hiking, sight seeing, bird watching and game viewing — monkeys and a few others.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of Makalia waterfall Makalia falls is situated on the southern end of lake Nakuru national park, along the Makalia river.

How to get there?By vehicle — a few minutes drive from the any of the park's gates, with most paths taking you within view of the lake.

You can get to Nakuru city by bus or vehicle. From here, a short drive should get you to the gates

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