Thomson's waterfall

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A powerful 74 m high waterfall in the town of Nyahururu Kenya, and part of the Ewaso Ngiro river that flows from the Aberdare ranges to the Juba river.

Scottish explorer — Joseph Thompson, was the first European to reach it in 1883, and named them after his father.

What to do thereView the falls from above or hike down the steps and closer to where the plunge pool/ravine is.

Or get some curios from the shops there. A small entrance fee may be charged at the gate.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of Thomson's waterfallThomson's waterfalls are in the outskirts of the town of Nyahururu — Kenya, and just a few minutes from the equator by car.

There are several hotels nearby as well as in the town.

How to get thereBy vehicle, passenger bus, air, or walking.

The falls are within walking distance of the Nyahuru town's centre, where there is a terminal for passenger buses.

There also is an airstrip south of the town.

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