Agab waterhole

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Said to be one of Etosha national park's oldest natural waterholes, fed by an artesian well that overflows into its surroundings — forming a small stream.

Its name is a local word for 'place of many reeds' although none are in the area 1.

Unlike others in the park, it sits slightly raised from its surroundings.

What to do thereGame viewing and game drives — said to be a good spot to see Red hartebeest 1

Best time to visitDuring winter and spring, when it is one of few water sources in the park and more animals come to drink from it.

Location of Agab waterhole It sits in a remote area on the southeastern end of Etosha national park, just a short drive from the shores of the Etosha Salt Pan.

There is a picnic spot nearby, and the nearest accommodation point and airstrip are at Halali camp.

How to get thereBy road — a rather lengthy drive from any of the park's gates.

References1. H.H. BERRY et al. (1997) Origin and meanings of place names in the Etosha National Park, Namibia. Available at: (Accessed: 6 August 2019)

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