Chudob waterhole

One of 80+ waterholes inside Etosha national park — an artesian fountain with a parking area nearby that serves as its viewpoint.

It is far from the hustle and bustle of human activities, requiring a rather lengthy game drive to get to it.

At its centre is a small island filled with reeds, whose size changes with season and how many animals have been chomping on it.

The actual pond sits on a lower level than that of its surroundings and is shallow enough for animals like zebra to wade in and still keep their head above water.

About 20 metres from it is the viewpoint, from where visitors can view animals from the safety of a car.

What to do thereGame viewing and bird watching — a good spot to see predators such as lions.

One may have to wait for some time before animals emerge from the bushes and come to drink.

Best time to visitDuring winter and spring, when rainfall is scarce and more animals visit the waterhole to drink

Location of Chudob waterholeIt sits at the heart of a large clearing amidst the shrublands of Etosha national park's eastern end.

It also is near the southeastern end of the Etosha Salt Pan, and a rather lengthy drive off the road from Namutoni to Halali camp.

How to get thereBy road, as there aren't any airstrips in its immediate vicinity.

The nearest airstrip and accommodation is at Namutoni camp, about a 15 minute drive away.

The nearest entry point is Von Lindequist gate.

Transport options to the area include self drive, overland and bus tours as well as private or rental vehicles — 4x4 or otherwise.

References1. By Hans Stieglitz - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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