King Nehale waterhole

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Etosha national park's largest waterhole — a lagoon next to Namutoni camp and a feeding spot for elephants.

It is named after King Nehale lya Mpingana, who ruled over the area during the late 19th to early 20th century.

It can be viewed from three viewpoints, one inside Namutoni camp — a shaded open-air hut, another at the top of Fort Namutoni, though a pair of binoculars may be necessary.

The other is for those on game drives, well outside the camp's fence.

What to do thereGame viewing, game drives and bird watching, with mornings said to be the best times as herbivores can see predators better.

Most animals are less active during the afternoon, as they seek shelter from the sun.

Best time to visitDuring winter and spring, when rain is scarce, and more animals visit the area to drink or graze.

Location of King Nehale waterholeIt sits on the eastern end of Etosha national park, next to Namutoni camp and Fort Namutoni.

It also is near both Fischer's and Etosha Salt Pans, as well as a few other waterholes.

How to get thereBy air or road

Namutoni airstrip is next to it, though a 15 minute drive from Von Lindequist gate should do as well.

Transport options include private or rental vehicles along with self driven, bus or overland tours.

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