Klein Namutoni waterhole

 Klein Namutoni waterhole of Etosha National Park, a Burchell's zebra walking near it <sup>1</sup>

Klein Namutoni waterhole of Etosha National Park, a Burchell's zebra walking near it 1
One of Etosha national park's 80+ waterholes — a large pond fed by an artesian fountain.

It's name means 'small Namutoni' in Afrikaans, referring to its perennial nature when compared to that at Namutoni 2.

Unlike other artesian fountatins in the park, it has no island at its centre — but is still shallow enough for elephants to wade in.

The land around it is filled with white rocks, and there is a parking spot nearby from where visitors can view animals from the safety of a vehicle.

What to do thereGame viewing and bird watching, with mornings said to be the best times.

Best time to visitDuring winter and early spring, when rainfall is scarce and more animals come to drink from it.

Location of Klein Namutoni waterholeIt sits on a large clearing amidst the shrublands of Etosha national park's eastern end.

It also is about a 5 minute drive south of Namutoni camp, with a turning point along the tarmac road from Von Lindequist gate.

How to get thereBy road. Although there's Namutoni airstrip nearby, a vehicle may still be necessary to safely get to it.

Vehicles could be private or rental, 4x4 or otherwise — except during heavy rains.

A number of companies also offer self drive, as well as bus and overland tour packages.

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