Moringa waterhole

 Moringa waterhole of Etosha national park, a black rhinoceros come to drink from it<sup>1</sup>

Moringa waterhole of Etosha national park, a black rhinoceros come to drink from it1
A man made waterhole next to Halali camp of Etosha national park, where animals come to drink from.

It has an observation point next to it that sits inside the compound — with a pile of rocks and a steel fence separating the two.

From here, one can see various animals with ease, even during the night when the place is lit by flood lamps.

The waterhole can also be seen from some of the camp's rooms.

What to do thereGame viewing — see animals come to drink from it, and how they interact with each other.

Best time to visitDuring the dry seasons of May to October every year, as water becomes scarce and more animals come to drink from the waterhole.

This is also the high season.

Location of Moringa waterholeThe waterhole sits next to Halali camp, well inside Etosha national park.

It also is about a 15 minute drive from the Etosha Salt Pan.

How to get thereThe viewpoint can be reached by hiking from within the camp, and is the best place to view the waterhole from.

Halali camp can be reached by air — using an airstrip nearby, though a drive from one of the park's gates should do as well.

References1. By Olga Ernst - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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