Elsa's grave

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The final resting place of Elsa, an orphaned lioness cub raised by George and Joy Adamson, and later released into Meru national park as an adult.

Made famous by the book and films 'Born free' and 'Living free', Elsa died on January 1961, after living for 5 years.

The top of the grave is built from stone, with an epitaph inscribed.

What to do thereGame drives to and from the area, short hikes, game viewing, learn more about Elsa.

Best time to visitThe dry seasons of the year

Location of Elsa's graveElsa's grave is about two and a half kilometers south of the Equator, and on the southern end of Meru national park.

It also is near the banks of the Ura river, that feeds the Tana river — Kenya's longest.

How to get thereBy vehicle.

The nearest airstrips are a bit further out — though still inside the park, and you may need a vehicle from there.

The nearest entry point is Ura gate, though the more frequently used Murera gate is just a few minutes drive further.

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