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nairobi national
in Museum hill, Nairobi
Nairobi National museum
The flagship museum for the National Museums of Kenya, opened in September 1930 by the colonial government of that time. It showca...
in Marsabit
Desert museum
Altitude: 384 m.a.m.s.l. Showcases the unique heritage of 8 communities living around lake Turkana, namely the El Molo, Turkana, P...
fort jesus
in makadara, Mombasa
Fort Jesus museum
One of East Africa's historical landmarks, built in 1593 by The Portuguese, high on a coral ridge with a good view of the ent...
in Trans nzoia
Kitale museum
The first of the Inland museums to be developed in Kenya. Originally known as the Stoneham Museum, privately owned by Lieutenant c...
in Lamu
Lamu museum
A three storey stone building in Old town — Lamu, that showcases the area's history, traditions and culture of its people....
karen blixen
in Nairobi
Karen Blixen museum
This is the house where Danish author Karen Blixen lived between 1917 and 1931, before moving back to Denmark. It was built in 191...
VOC Kruithuis
in Western Cape
VOC Kruithuis museum
The only surviving powder magazine in South Africa, built from 1776 to 1777 by the Dutch East India Company to store its supply of...
in Stellenbosch village museum, Western Cape
Schreuderhuis museum
The oldest documented and restored town house in South Africa, built in 1709 by Sebastian Schröder — a German mercenary soldier...
Grosvenor house
in Stellenbosch village museum, Western Cape
Grosvenor House museum
One of the houses under the Stellenbosch village museum, furnished to show the lifestyle of an early 19th century wealthy family ...
in Stellenbosch village museum, Western Cape
Blettermanhuis museum
One of the houses inside the Stellenbosch village museum — furnished to show the lifestyle of a wealthy Stellenbosch family from...
OM Berghhuis
in Stellenbosch village museum, Western Cape
OM Berghhuis museum
One of the houses inside the Stellenbosch village museum and former home of Olof Marthinus Bergh — once deputy sheriff of the ar...
boma natural history
in sekei, Arusha
Boma Natural History museum
Among the best museums in the country that showcases the natural history, wildlife, culture and artifacts of the Arusha region - T...
olduvai gorge
in Ngorongoro conservation area
Olduvai Gorge museum
A museum that showcases the history and information about the findings made in and around the Olduvai gorge of the Ngorongoro cons...
in Kisumu
Kisumu museum
Showcases information about south western Kenya, including its people, animals, culture and traditions. Has a lot of artifacts abo...
in Nakuru
Kariandusi museum
A museum at the Kariandusi pre historic site, showcasing its history as well as archaeological findings. It also has information a...
in Narok
Narok museum
Showcases the lifestyle, history, culture and traditions of the Maasai and other speakers of the Maa language. Has a number of Art...
in West pokot
Kapenguria museum
Original site where six of the most influential leaders in the struggle for independence — 'the Kapenguria six', were ...
in ngurudoto crater, Arusha national park
Ngurudoto museum
Altitude: 1400 m.a.m.s.l.
The Ngurudoto museum is one that is dedicated to showcasing the different types of animals that are f...
in Kilifi
Malindi museum
Also known as the house of Columns, for the five round pillars at its front. Its exact date of construction is not known but is es...
mwalimu nyerere
in Mara
Mwalimu Nyerere museum
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