National parks in Africa

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in northern Tanzania
Kilimanjaro national park
Mount Kilimanjaro national park is where Africa's tallest, mt. Kilimanjaro lies with the mountain making up most of the park. It i...
lake nakuru
in western Kenya
Lake Nakuru national park
A national park in western Kenya, situated entirely in the great rift valley with ...
in northern Tanzania
Arusha national park
Arusha national park is one of the few national parks inside Tanzania that are close to a large city. It has distinct geographical...
lake manyara
in northern Tanzania
Lake Manyara national park
A unique national park in northern Tanzania consisting of an area between the western parts of lake Manyara and the walls of the r...
in central Kenya
Meru national park
Altitude:366 - 914 m.a.m.s.l.
This is where famous conservationists ...
mount longonot
in western Kenya
Mount Longonot national park
Altitude: 2780 m.a.m.s.l. (rim)
Formed around mount Longonot, a stratovolcano in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya that last l...
hell's gate
in Western, Kenya
Hell's Gate national park
One of few Kenyan parks to allow walking, horse riding or cycling without a ...
in southern Kenya
Nairobi national park
Kenya's Oldest national park, and the first to be established in East Africa around 1946.
It covers an area of 117 sq ...
in Central, Kenya
Aberdare national park
Altitude: 1829 to 4001 m.a.m.s.l.
A national park in central Kenya covering an area of 767 square kilometers.
in Northern, Kenya
Marsabit national park
Altitude: 420 - 1707 m.a.m.s.l.
A montane paradise amidst the arid wastelands of northern Kenya, with parts of it dubbed &#...
mount kenya
in central Kenya
Mount Kenya national park
This is where Africa's second highest mountain lies with a height of 5199 m.a.m.s.l. . Although located close to each other, this m...
in northern Tanzania
Serengeti national park
A national park that is famous for its expansive savanna grasslands and wildebeest migration, it is located in northern Tanzania n...
in Tanzania
Udzungwa Mountains national park
Altitude: 200 -2500 m.a.m.s.l.
One of several national park...
in southern Kenya
Amboseli national park
A national park in southern Kenya and one of the most popular, with an area of 392 KmĀ². It is home to several swamps, ...
rubondo island
in north western, Tanzania
Rubondo Island national park
Rubondo island is a national park that is located on the south western part of lake Victoria. It is the larger of two national par...
saa nane
in north western, Tanzania
Saa Nane national park
Saa nane national park is a small man made wildlife sanctuary that is located on an island, on Lake victoria. It was previously a ...
in northern Tanzania
Tarangire national park
A national park formed around the Tarangire river of northern Tanzania. Located in northern Tanzania and about a 2 hour drive sout...
in southern Kenya
Tsavo East national park
The largest national park in Kenya, with an area of over 13000 sq. Kilometres, and a twin park west of it called Tsavo west....
in southern Kenya
Tsavo West national park
One of several national parks in Kenya, with an area of over 9000 sq. Kilometres, and a twin park to its north east called ...
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