Nafasi art space

    Nafasi art space is a haven and a gallery for Tanzanian visual artists and designers that is located in Mikocheni light industrial area of Tanzania. Run by a non governmental organisation, it provides an environment where artists can work, learn, meet people as well as showcase their creativity, with the word 'Nafasi' meaning space in the local Swahili language.

    A history of the art spaceNafasi Art space was founded back in 2008, by a group of 5 individuals and since then it has grown to have 50 artists and 32 studios and exhibition spaces.

    What to do there?Enjoy the different forms of art that are on display at the site, from paintings, drawings and photography to dances, sculptures and abstract art. Furthermore, the place also offers the chance to partake in several of the arts such as dancing and meet some of the people behind the art itself.

    One thing to note is that this is a haven for art loving people, thus head to the place if you are one of them. You could also buy some of the art that is on display at the site if interested, or if you are feeling charitable then donate to the non profit organisation running the place. In return, Nafasi Art Space does put the name of the donor on their wall (any donor) or events (large donors only).

    Best time to visitAny time throughout the year, with larger crowds being present from July to December (tourism high season); However, the event days are usually on friday and saturday and this is normally when you would get to see more art on display. The rest of the days are usually used to prepare.

    Location of Nafasi art spaceNafasi Art Space is located on Eyasi road of Mikocheni area, just a short distance away from Dar es Salaam's CBD. It quite a distance from the main road, and near an industrial section of the Tanzanian city. For more information on its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?If headed there using public transport, get into a dala dala that passes through the ITV stop, usually the ones with a part light blue stripe. From the north of the city, these would be the ones to Makumbusho, whereas from other parts of the city, it would be best to ask around as there are too many too list here. From the ITV stop you can either walk or take a motorcycle taxi to Nafasi (use the map).

    On the other hand if you are using private transport, then please use the map below.

    ReferencesInformation from a visit to Nafasi art space and their archives

    AbbreviationsCBD - Central Business District

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