Pippa's grave

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The final resting place of Pippa, a domesticated cheetah that was raised by George and Joy Adamson, and later released into the wild.

The site has two graves with tops built from stone, one larger for Pippa and a smaller one next to it — said to belong to one of her cubs

What to do thereGame viewing, bird watching, game drives, or learn more about Pippa, if you have a guide with you.

Best time to visitThe dry seasons of the year

Location of Pippa's gravePippa's grave sits near one of the Rojewero river's tributaries, on the eastern end of Meru national park.

The whole area is also near the equator.

How to get thereBy vehicle.

There is an airstrip about three kilometers from here, though you may need a vehicle from there.

Although 4x4s are not necessary, they are recommended — especially during the rainy seasons.

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